Jawatan Kosong di Checkpoint System Sales (M) Sdn Bhd - [Gaji : RM1,300-RM2,000 + OT Allowance + Medical & Dental Insurance]

We are a fast growing and well established company based in America. We are a manufacturing and marketing arm for price marking tools, labeling barcode solutions, library systems and we are also an anti theft security systems provider. In line with our expansion plans, we are inviting highly motivated individuals to join us .


1. Pembantu Perkhidmatan Pelanggan

Gaji : RM1,300-RM1,600 Per Month

2. Storekeeper cum Driver

Gaji : RM1,500-RM2,000 Per Month

Tarikh tutup permohonan : 09 Mac 2017

Lokasi Pekerjaan:
No. 1, Jalan Udang Harimau 3, Kepong Business Park, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, 51200, Malaysia

* Sila baca terlebih syarat kelayakan dan maklumat lain melalui link yang admin sediakan di bawah sebelum membuat permohonan. Semoga berjaya semua..

Cara Membuat Permohonan:

Permohonan mestilah di buat melalui laman web Maukerja.

1. Klik pautan yang admin sediakan di atas "(Klik Sini)", selepas itu anda hanya perlu klik button MOHON dan isikan butiran yang diperlukan. Untuk bahagian Muat Naik Resume, anda boleh pilih Tiada Resume jika anda memang tiada resume dan klik mana-mana yang dirasakan perlu iaitu :

i. Tiada resume dalam phone, akan dihantar bila diminta atau

ii. Saya tiada resume, akan hantar jika diminta.

2. Selepas selesai mengisi semua butiran, klik HANTAR PERMOHONAN

Anda dinasihatkan untuk mendaftar terlebih dahulu di lamanweb maukerja tersebut untuk memudahkan anda memohon jawatan kosong di atas dan kekosongan jawatan yang lain.
Klik sini untuk mendaftar. Semoga maju jaya!!

Klik Syarat Lengkap & Mohon Segera!!

Join Telegram Kami : telegram.me/kerjakosongterkini

Jawatan Kosong Terkini 2017 di Checkpoint System Sales (M) Sdn Bhd


Checkpoint Systems, a division of CCL Industries, is a global leader in merchandise availability solutions for the retail industry, encompassing loss prevention and merchandise visibility.

Checkpoint provides end-to-end solutions enabling retailers to achieve accurate real-time inventory, accelerate the replenishment cycle, prevent out-of-stocks and reduce theft, thus improving merchandise availability and the shopper’s experience.

Checkpoint’s solutions are built upon 45 years of radio frequency technology expertise, innovative high-theft and loss-prevention solutions, market-leading RFID hardware, RFID software, and comprehensive labeling capabilities, to brand, secure and track merchandise from source to shelf.

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